Dining at Ranches at Belt Creek

There is more to a sporting club than just trophy hunting and fishing. As a full-service resort, we also offer all day dining services.

Our culinary team prides themselves on sourcing the highest quality local ingredients featuring wild game, fish caught here on the property, and vegetables from our garden!


We also support our local Hutterite colonies by purchasing directly from their farms.

Our World Class Dining Experience

The combination of food and atmosphere make dining at The Ranches at Belt Creek a nourishing acquaintance for the body and soul. Our Chef creates market fresh menus that are sourced and prepared daily. She focuses on utilizing the finest seasonal ingredients and utilizing years of culinary training to create a unique Montana dining experience.

Call Ahead to Schedule Meals

We look forward to having you join our table! In order to ensure you have the opportunity to take part in our culinary offerings, we encourage you to call ahead of time and schedule it with our concierge. You can contact us here, or give us a call at 800-605-8046.

Clubhouse Meal Times

  Monday - Saturday:  - Breakfast served at 9 - Lunch 12 - Dinner at 7We do not offer full meal service on Sundays and encourage you to check out the local venues. Our Concierge can help you if you need suggestions. Please let us know at the time of reservation of any allergies and dietary restrictions.